AWR Rates

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In accordance with national Agency Worker Rates (AWR) Influence will count each temporary candidate's AWR entitlement.

Influence will count total qualifying weeks worked at each company. It will also take into account any macro availability entered on the candidates calendar:




- AWR on Booking Suggestions

- AWR Parity / Equivalence

- AWR Report

- AWR Rates

- Clarifications

AWR on Planner

When viewing the [Planner] the system will display an AWR counter in the column labelled 'A'. These counters are automatically rebuilt over-night by a background process that runs every day, so any bookings added today will not be taken account of until tomorrow.

From version or later, clicking on a counter will offer the chance to rebuild the counter manually for that one temp. 

The counter colour will change depending upon the number of weeks

1-6 Weeks :  Green

7-9 Weeks:  Yellow

10+ Weeks:  Red

If a worker has Multiple AWR counters, the system will display the largest of these which has not been ticked as 'dealt-with'. Clicking on the column will display a list of  all of the counters for the worker, and double-clicking those will open the individual AWR record.

The individual AWR record looks like the screenshot below, and shows the Worker name, Role, Company and Date range of the counted bookings.

From version or later there is a [Rebuild] button that allows the user to rebuild/update that counter 'immediately' rather than wait for the overnight rebuild.

To mark a record as dealt with simply tick the Completed [   ]  box.
Any supporting documentation can simply be dragged/dropped onto this screen to store it in the system.

From v or later:
From within the AWR record it is possible to add a 'Notes' icon to the toolbar at the top of the record.  This requires a new entry added to the Free Text [230] code table, of the type 'AWR'

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AWR on Booking Suggestions

The AWR counters seen on the [Planner] are also visible when looking at Suggestions to fill an unfilled booking.

In this case the 'AWR' column will show the counter specific to that worker, at that client, for that role.

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AWR Equivalence / Parity

There may be some role codes that need to be treated as 'Equivalent' with regard to AWR counters. e.g. You may have multiple Role codes for different types of Forklift Drivers

(FLT - Forklift Driver, FLTR - FLT Reach Truck Driver, FLTF - FLT Flexi Truck Driver, FLTC - FLT Counterbalance Driver, etc.)

In this case, you can go into the ROLE CODE [902] code table, and using the Text Notes at the right-hand side, you can record the AWR Parity Roles

e.g. for the role FLT, you might add


If a booking with FLTR, FLTF or FLTC is found, the counter record is created/updated for the role FLT. That way, all their weeks are accumulated under the one code (FLT)

The feature is activated with a parameter

NEW PARAMETER - AWRDOCS - Flag 24 - Allow Role/Job Code Parity

AWR Report

As well as being displayed on the [Planner] and for Booking Suggestions, there is an AWR Report. This can be found in Maintenance > Reporting Tools > AWR Report

Running the report, by clicking [OK] will produce a list of all the AWR counts currently in the system.

The report can be exported to MS Excel, using the [Excel] button at the bottom left.
Workers who have multiple AWR counts may appear in the report several times, once for each client/role combination where they have a counter.

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AWR Rates

When making bookings the system will check the AWR counter for a worker, and (if applicable) will apply an AWR equivalent rate in preference.

On the [RATES] tab of a client record, you can see any pay/charge rates which have been setup, and whether it is applicable for AWR.

e.g.  In the above example, Warehouse Operatives with less than 12-weeks' AWR will receive £9.10/Hr whereas those with 13-weeks (or more) will receive £10.25/Hr.

When creating Rate cards, to indicate it is an 'AWR' applicable card is simply a case of ticking the box to indicate that the rates apply 'post-AWR'.  See below.

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- AWR is counted/calculated by the system overnight, each night.

- Candidates can have multiple AWR counters running in parallel.

- AWR counter as based on the ROLE which the candidate is booked for. Two different ROLES at the same client will result in two AWR counters. (Unless the Roles are set as AWR equivalents - See above.)

- AWR rates will be applied from the 13th week onwards. Bookings made before this will assume the Pre-AWR rate (although they may then get changed during the timesheet entry process once the 13th week is reached).

- A 6-week gap where the candidate does not go back to the same client/Role will result in the AWR count being reset to zero.

- Any absences which 'pause' the AWR counter should be added to the CALENDAR for the candidate, using one of the relevant AWR reasons. (See below)

For more information, or questions, please contact Influence support.

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