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There are a multitude of smartphone handsets and tablets available today, most of which can be connected to ThinHost’s Exchange e-mail service. This article contains the technical information you will need to connect your smartphone or tablet to your ThinHost e-mail account.

Please note: We do not provide technical support for smartphones or tablets. Any setup queries should be directed to your mobile phone carrier or hardware reseller.

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Further Info


Blackberry Internet Service

Blackberry Enterprise Service



E-mail address
Your main e-mail address
Your name

Your first and last name
Account name

E-mail server (or Exchange server)

THINHOST\[username] (e.g. THINHOST\jbloggs)

Your ThinHost password
SSL (or Secure SSL)
if prompted, you should select this option
SMTP server (if required)
SMTP server port (if required)

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Further Information

  • Some devices will allow you to wirelessly synchronise your Outlook contacts and calendar, but not all.
  • Some devices will allow you to synchronise your Outlook inbox with your smartphone or tablet inbox.
    Others will download an independent copy of your e-mails meaning changes, deletions, sent items etc. will not be synchronised.
  • Some devices will allow you to view your Outlook subfolders and sent items. Others will only provide access to the inbox.
  • The following e-mail connection protocols are enabled by ThinHost:
    • Exchange
    • IMAP4
    • POP3

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BlackBerries work differently to other smartphones. In order to connect your BlackBerry to the Internet, and therefore to your ThinHost e-mail account, your mobile phone carrier will need to enable one of these two services on your account.

BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

The BIS service is generally the more cost effective option, and is the only option available on consumer tariffs.

If your account is enabled for BIS you will not be able to wirelessly synchronise contacts or calendar with your ThinHost e-mail account. Please use the settings, as detailed above, to configure your handset.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

The BES service is generally the more expensive option, and is only available on business tariffs. In addition, the BES service must also be purchased from ThinHost in order to connect your handset.

If your account is enabled for BES you will be able to wirelessly synchronise contacts and calendar with your ThinHost e-mail account. If your BlackBerry has been enabled for BES by your carrier, please contact ThinHost technical support in order to obtain your ‘activation password’.

Important: in our experience, carriers’ customer services departments often misunderstand the difference between BIS and BES which can cause confusion.

 In order to ensure a successful connection, and to save time, and it is important to start by checking:

  1. You have a business tariff, and not a consumer tariff, with your carrier.

‘BlackBerry Enterprise Service’ is clearly displayed on your mobile phone bill.

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  1. Click Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account
  2. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  3. Enter the following details:
    1. E:mail: (your e-mail address)
    2. Domain:
    3. Username: (your ThinHost username)
    4. Password: (your ThinHost password)
    5. Description: ThinHost
    6. Click Next
    7. Now enter the server:
    8. Click Next
    9. Choose which services you would like to sync and click Save

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