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It is possible to define a specific document slot to hold a 'Disclaimer' document.  (Introduced v1.00.24.140 or later)

The idea is that you can drag/drop a document from a client which is a disclaimer where they state that they are happy to take a particular candidate, even if you have not yet completed their compliance documents.

NOTE:  The storage of a disclaimer document does not change the application of compliance rules, and does not allow the booking of a candidate who does not have a mandatory item.

Example: If the compliance item RTW (Right to Work) has been set as a mandatory item, then a candidate must have this item on file in order to be booked. Storing a disclaimer document will not allow this to be ignored or over-ridden.

It may be useful in specific circumstances where an item has been setup as a warning (advisory) item - so that the item can be over-ridden at booking stage, and there is a specific document explaining/justifying the over-ride.

System Setup / Parameters

The following parameter control how to setup Displaimers

Placement, Integer(10)Document slot for Disclaimer document  (on Match Record)
Placement, Integer(11)Expiry Date of disclaimers. i.e. Days from 'Creation' date that document remains 'valid' as a disclaimer.

How it Works - Using Disclaimers

If a client sends a disclaimer document, then it can be stored on the [Docs] tab of the relevant Match Record (either 'Booking' match, for TEMP bookings, or Match record from the relevant 'Vacancy'if the worker is linked to a vacancy.)

Step 1 - Store the disclaimer

Go to the worker, choose the MATCHES (Or Work History) tab of their record.

Click the Navigatgor (>) and open the match record, then choose the [Docs] tab.

Drag/Drop the Disclaimer onto the tab and save the document.


Right-Click the displaimer, and choose 'Set as Client Disclaimer'

Step 2:  See the Disclaimers

Go to the older [Compliance] workbench.

Run a search. Details of any valid disclaimer documents and the company they relate to will be displayed in a column on the workbench.


TIP:  To ensure the column for disclaimers is displayed, right-click on any of the column headings, then use the Column Format to select the Disclaimer column. Give the column a name and specify the position (column) where it should appear.

From here you can double-click the candidate name to open their record, and then view details of the candidate, matches, compliance, etc.

NB: Remember - the storage of a dsclaimer does not affect or allow the over-riding of Mandatory compliance items.

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