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From version or later a new Referral Report has been added to help agencies track any 'Refer a Friend' type scheme they may run.

In order to work, the system relies on users recording the fact that a candidate has been referred by someone else, using the Connections icon at the top of the candidate record. (See below)

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System Setup

Step(1) - Create a Connection Code for Referrals. The Connections codes are held in Code Table Connections [429] (This can be opened from Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables

Setup a code as below, with the description Was Referred by|Referred and with the Rules as Cand/Cont|Cand/Cont

On recent/new systems installed after June 2021, this code will already exist so there is no need to re-add this. 

Step(2) - Set the Parameters to match your Referral Scheme. You can record things such as the default referral fee and the number of 'shifts', hours or days that need to be completed to qualify.

Parameters used:

REF_F, Integer(1) Default Referral Fee
REF_F, Integer(2)Max Shift Count for Referral Report
REF_F, Integer(3)Max hours for Count (Referral Report)
REF_F, Integer(4) Max Days for Count (Referral Report)
RecF, Text(5)Connections Code for Referrals  (this is usually REFR)

To set parameters go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters

Select FILE > Open and then choose the parameter set REC_F

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How it Works

In order to work, the Referral report needs user to record that a candidate has been referred.

How to Record a Referral
- Go into the candidate, click the 'Connections' icon in the toolbar, and then choose the option ADD

- Choose the connection type as 'Was Referred By' and then click  [Select] to choose the  Candidate (or contact) who referred them.

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Running the Report

The report can be found in Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Referral Report. 

(NOTE: After version, the report can also be accessed Directly from the [Admin] workbench, i.e.  Admin > Referral Report)

Having selected the report users can enter a date range, and the system will list any candidates who were referred within the chosen dates - it will show who they were referred by, and the Hours/Shifts  they have completed. Users can record if the referral fees have been paid, and a date when paid.

It is possible to drill-into records using the Navigator (>)

NOTE: In the case where someone has exceeded the Maximum values recorded in the parameters, it displays >'max'

e.g. If Max Shift Count for Referral Report were set to '20then a worker who had completed 35 shifts would display >20

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Setting the Referred From/To as 01/09/2020 - 15/10/2020 will show any candidates who were referred during that period, and will display the number of shifts/hours they have worked.

Anyone who has been paid for their referral can be marked as 'Paid'

Using the Timesheeted [  ] tick box will ensure that the output of the report only shows Shifts/Hours that have been completed, and a timesheet received and entered (as opposed to those which may have been booked but not yet had timesheets completed/returned.)

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