Multiple Pay Types for Candidate

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From version or later, we have introduced the ability to have multiple Pay Types for a candidate.




Candidates sometimes need to be able to be booked with different pay types (PAYE/LTD, ETC). 

After release the system has been enhanced to allow user to select more than one payment type on a candidate and set up the relevant payment details (Payroll Refs, Addresses and Bank account details) for each payment type. 

Payroll References MUST be unique across the candidate.

On a Worker's profile, navigate to the 'Controls' tab where you will then see a 'Pay Types' button, allowing you to enter details for multiple pay types for a worker:

NB: Once entered on the candidate, the details of a Pay type cannot be removed, just un-ticked as no longer active.

System Setup

The following parameters need to be set

RECE, Flag 29
Multiple candidate payment types for bookings. 
Tick this to activate the feature

REC Flag 54 - Edit Candidate Sage Ref by Pay Type
Currently, if using Multiple Pay Types, each Pay Type can have its own (different) SAGE REF. Using this parameter can control whether there is a separate Sage Ref for each Pay_type, or if there is ONE sage_Ref, held against the candidate.

NOTE: We would normally advice that you have a separate Sage Ref for each Pay Type. It would be extremely unusual/unwise to have a single Sage Ref (unless you are using Sage Ref for something different or in a different way.)


How to Set Multiple Candidate Pay Types

Go to the worker record and choose the [Controls] tab. Then click the [Pay Types] button.

You can then setup the Worker Payment Types. Use the drop-down to select a payment type, and fill in any relevant Trading details / Bank Details below.  Use the [Make Default] button to select which payment type will be the default for this worker when making bookings.

How to Choose the Pay Type when making a Booking

When booking any candidate with multiple payment types, the relevant payment type will need to be selected when making the booking. 

At the top-centre of the booking entry window, just use the drop-down to select from any of the available Pay Types that have been setup for this worker.  See below.

NOTEChoosing a different Pay type may affect the RATES that are applied to the booking.
You can check whcih rates/card has been applied by using the [Rate Check] button at the right-hand side of the Booking Entry screen.

Additional Information

For exporting timesheet details using  Merit Export, Evertime, InTIME, Tempaid and Tempest. The relevant payroll reference will be posted depending on the pay type selected on the booking. No other exports are currently affected. 

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