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A new Margin Report has been added to the software and will be available after version From Version1.00.20.099 (or later) the report is accessible from the [ADMIN] tab to make it more easily accessible.

The report will allow users to generate a report showing the TOTAL Margin between two dates, split between different TEAMS. It is possible to drill-down into the displayed information to get further breakdown about specific individuals or sites.

There are several tabs of information relating to PERM placements, Contracts and Bookings (Temps).

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System Setup

From v1.00.21.099 the item can be displayed in the [ADMIN] section of the system and is controlled with parameters;

PRO-ADMN, Priorities(10) - Priority level for access to this option
PRO-ADMN, Glossary(4) - Name for the option (Default is 'Margin Report')

Access to the option can be controlled with a priority level as above, or a specific User list, by utilising the User Access Control (UAC) feature. 

It is also possible to control how the reports consider 'Consultant' using parameters in the FINREP parameter set.

FINREP, Flag(1)Cons for PERMS from Client/Site/CanD/Vac/Match
FINREP, Flag(2)Cons for CONTRACTS from Client/Site/CanD/Vac/Match
FINREP, Flag(3)Cons for TEMP VACs from Client/Site/CanD/Vac/Match
FINREP, Flag(4)Cons for BOOK Req's from Client/Site/CanD/Vac/Match
FINREP, Flag(5)Cons for Bookings from Client/Site/CanD/Vac/Match
FINREP, Flag(6-9) Cons for XXX use Splits if Specified (Perms, Contracts Book Req's, Vacancy Bkgs)
Prior to v1.00.24.020 these are not taken account of by the Margin report.
FINREP, Flag(10/11)Use Start Date or Placement Date (Contracts / Perms)
RECF, Flag(4)
From v1.00.23.310 or later
Sundries on Margin Rpt  (Default/Prompt/No)



If parameter FINREP, Flag(1) is set to D then any PERM Revenue when a candidate is placed will be assigned to the Consultant who has been set as the 'Owner' of the candidate.

Whereas, if FINREP, Flag(1) is set to then the revenue would be assigned to the Consultant who owns the Vacancy into which they were placed.

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How To Run the Report

Choose Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Margin Report or

ADMIN > Margin Report  (after v1.00.21.099)

Once the report opens select a date range, then press [OK] at the bottom right to generate the report.  Having generated the report several tabs will be displayed.


This tab will show the total margin for the selected period, split between Perm, Contract & Bookings

Using the [+] it is possible to expand the TEAM selections at the left hand side to see more details about individual members of each team.

NOTE: The Contract revenue displayed on the [Totals] tab is based upon the Forecast values for Contracts rather than Actuals.  This is because the From/To dates which are chosen may extend beyond the current period and there may be no Actual data (timesheets) received yet.


This tab will display details of the Margin made from PERM placements during the selected period. Once again it is possible to drill-in and find more information about sections of the report using the [+] buttons.

i) The revenue from PERM placements can be considered at either Placement Date or Start Date  or Due Date dependant upon the setting of parameter FINREP, Flag(11) - [The default setting is 'Placement' date unless it has been changed]
ii) The revenue from PERM placements can be allocated to different users based on the setting of FINREP, Flag(1)  (e.g. The 'Owner' of the candidate, the 'Owner' of the vacancy, the owner of the 'Client', etc. )

Note: From v1.00.23.310 or later, the system can show PERM revenue based on Due Date.


This tab displays information relating to any contract placements made during the selected period. It is possible to drill-in to the information by using the [+] displayed within the information grid.

Remember: When searching using dates, the daterange might relate to their START DATE or their PLACEMENT DATE,Depending upon the setting of parameter FINREP(10)

NOTE: In early versions of the software, prior to the [Contracts] tab considered ANY match record where a Placement record had been created. 
From release1.00.22.165 or later the system will only consider matches at the stage PLA (Placed) or better

NOTE: From v1.00.23.216 there is an option to display the Contract figures NETT of WTD/NI



Worker Benny Box is placed into a contract on a daily rate. His daily rate is set at Pay=£200/Day, Charge = £290/Day.

When looking at contract Margin report, this can be show either 'as is' or Nett of WTD/NI

Screenshot1: Contract Margin based on Pay/Charge rate   

{Pay = £200/Day, Charge = £290/Day  Margin = £90.00/Day}

Screenshot2: Contract Margin based on Pay/Charge rate NETT of WTD/NI/Pension  

{Nett Pay = £264.04   Charge = £290.00      Nett Margin = £25.96/day }

Clicking the [WTD/NI/PEN] Button will allow you to see the current NI/WTD and Pension values (%ages) that are used by the system.

Typically these are:

NI (esitmated) at 13.8%        WTD (estimated) at 12.07%           Pension at 4%


This tab will display margin information relating to any bookings for Temporary Workers which have been recorded on the system. As with the other tabs, it is possible to drill-down into more detail about the financial information using the [+] button to expand the relevant sections of the report.

From v1.00.23.310 or later - It is possible to Include 'Sundries' added directly on the line within TIMESHEET ENTRY

Controlled with parameter RECF, Flag(4)


When viewing the figures for bookings, the figures will be based upon Entered Timesheets. If timesheets have not been entered then the figures shown will be based off the hours/rates from the booking


John Smith was booked to work on 1st/2nd/3rd Jan, and again on 8th/9th/10th Jan for 7Hrs per day.

The Margin report will show hours as 21 Hrs for each week.

Once John's timesheets are received, it shows that he actually worked for 8Hrs on 1st/2nd/3rd.

Once these figures have been entered in TIMESHEET ENTRY, the Margin report will show the figures for the first week as 24Hrs (i.e. 3 x 8Hrs) but the 2nd week (8/9/10th) will still reflect 21Hrs for the week.

Revenue Splits

It is possible to use Splits with booking to split the revenue between different consultants/Users. How these splits are recorded depends upon the 'type' of booking that it is. (For example Sally gets 60% of the revenue, and Mark gets 40% )

Bookings Linked to a Temp Vacancy: -> The Split percentages are recorded on the MATCH record for the candidate who was Placed into the Vacancy.

'Std' Bookings made via Client/Candidate/Planner: -> The Split percentages are recorded on the Timesheet record withint TIMESHEET ENTRY.

Bookings made via a Booking Requirement: -> The split percentages need to be recorded on the [Splits] tab within the Requirement, This was only introduced from v1.00.24.019  (or later).

{NB: Booking Requirements are not normally used, so this is a fairly rare option to make use of.}


Where to Record Revenue Splits For Bookings

If you wish to split the revenue from a booking between several consultants, this can be done. Ensure parameter FINREP Flag(9) is set. Where you record these splits depends upon the type of booking.

For Bookings Linked to a TEMP Vacancy

Go to the [Candidates] tab of the vacancy and find the MATCH record for the worker who was placed/booked.

Open the Match record and use the [Splits] tab to record the revenue split [%ages]

For 'Std' Bookings made direct on the client (or from the candidate or planner)

For these bookings the Splits are recorded against the timesheet entry. To add splits, go into TIMESHEET ENTRY, select the booking(s) that you want to add the splits to, and click on the 'No Splits' text.

A pop-up window will appear for you to add the information regarding revenue splits. Press OK to save your choices.

For Booking Requirements

For these bookings you will need to open the Requirement and select the [Splits] tab.

The percentages can then be assigned and will apply to ALL bookings associated with that Requirement.

NOTE: Requirements are not commonly used, and not all systems will have or show Booking Requirements.

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Exporting to Excel

At the bottom left of each tab is an [Excel] button.  This will allow users to export the content of the selected tab into MS Excel for further analysis.

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