Deleting Candidate Records & Documents

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After version the system has been enhanced to allow more complete deletion of candidate records. It is controlled by a new parameter 'Full On Disc Deletion of Documents Folder   Y/N.


It is sometimes necessary to delete a candidate record from the database.
When doing so the system can be configured to remove the record from the database and to remove all of the documents stored on the [Docs] tab of the candidate record.

By default, the system will remove the record from the database, but leave all of the documents in the folder on the server.

This can be changed to remove the candidate and all documents from the disc by setting the parameter 'Full On Disc Deletion of Documents Folder' to Y (Yes) or P (Prompt)

In the example above, the documents will be removed from the disc at the same time that the candidate record is removed.

How to Activate the New Feature

Login as a suitable privileged user, and go to 

Maintenance > Setup > Parameters

Open the parameter Set 'General Data Protection Regulation' and then select the Flags tab.

Select the parameter Full On Disc Deletion of Documents folder and set this to Y


1. If the system is configured to remove documents from disc, and documents are in-use the system will warn that they cannot be removed and the candidate will not be deleted. Users will need to close the open documents before the candidate can be removed.

2. There is a parameter to control the maximum number of documents which can be automatically removed. (normally set at 250) If the system detects that there are more documents than this a warning is displayed and documents must be removed manually to get below this number.

(This is a safety feature to prevent accidental removal of large quantities of documents in the event users have created incorrect paths, etc.)

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