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It is possible to configure your system in such a way that updating the status of a Vacancy can automatically update the status of other matches on the vacancy. This is often useful for example when a vacancy is Withdrawn by a client, and you may want to set the status of all the matches to 'Suspended'


Vacancy Status   

You can determine which vacancy statuses will automatically update the matches. It is controlled by one of the EXTRA Numeric fields (UPD on Change) on the Vacancy Status [904] code table. Simply place a 1.0 in this column next to any Vacancy Status which will need to update these matches.

To edit the Code table, login as the 'ADM' user and select Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables. Select system Area as C - Contact Management then choose the code table Vac Status Code (904) 

Suspended Match Status:   

Using Maintenance > Setup > Parameters, you can determine which Status the matches will be set to.
Set parameter ENIGMA, Text (17) - Match/Interview Suspend Status for Vacancy and choose the status you wish to set the matches to. 


From V1.00.23.090 or later

Automatic Email when Vacancy Status changed from Selected Statuses

A new feature has been introduced to allow users to specify that the system should offer an email (journal) to the vacancy contact whenever a vacancy is moved off of certain statuses.

Against each Vacancy Status Code [904] is is possible to specify a *Call Type and to say whether the system should create an email when a vacancy is changed TO the selected status changed FROM the selected status.


You may wish to get the system to pop-up an email template every time a vacancy is changed OFF of "LIVE" status so that you can contact the client and ask them for feedback about your performance.

How it works

Within Vacancy Status [904] code table, specify the Call Type to use with an asterisk (*) followed by the Call Type to use.

Use the Jnl on Change From column to indicate which statuses trigger this, and put a 1.0

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