How to Setup Umbrella Companies

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On the CONTROLS page of a candidate record it is possible to record whether they are working via PAYE, as their own LTD Company or via an Umbrella Company. This information is then pulled onto any Contract placements that are made for this candidate.

In order for this to work there are a few parameters which need to be set.

In the case of Umbrella companies, it is possible to store a list of these Umbrella companies in the database and then choose the relevant one for the candidate by using the [... ] button on their Controls page.


You need to check the following items in the PARAMETERS. These control the way the system is setup and can be found from Maintenance>Setup>Parameters, then File>Open.

NB: If you are already using umbrella companies then it is almost certain that this lot will already have been setup for you!

CMS, Real(12) Site User Alpha for VAT Number  (normally set to 1)
CMS, Real(13) Site user Alpha for Company Reg Number (normally set to 2)
CMS,Glossary (7)   Site user Alpha 1normally described as VAT Number
CMS,Glossary (8)   Site user Alpha 2 normally described as Company Reg Number
REC_C, Text(17)  Company status meaning Candidate Ltd company (Usually set to UMB or LTD)
REC, Flag(7) Use Company Trade Details Table(*must* be set to Y)
PAYROLL2, Flag(27)  Use GLOBAL Addresses for Ltd Companies(must be *not* ticked)


How to Add a new Umbrella Company

Once you have checked and made a note of the parameters above, you can add a new Umbrella Company in the following way.
1) Choose [Companies] click [New] and then add the company.
2) Set the Status to Umbrella (or whatever is set in Parameter Rec_C(17) above) and press [Apply]

3) Once you have added the company, click the Branch icon at the top of the screen and then choose the Misc page. Enter the VAT Number/Company Reg. Number into Site Alpha1 and Site Alpha 2.

4) Then choose the [Bank Details] tab and complete the Bank Details for this Umbrella Company.

Once you have added your company click [OK] to save this.

You will then be able to select this company on the 'Controls' page of a candidate using the [... ] button



How to Update Umbrella Company for existing candidates

If you have multiple candidates who are associated with a particulat umbrella company, and this then changes, you will want to amend the existing candidate records to reflect that these workers are now employed by the new umbrella co.


You can mass change Umbrella companies in the following ways.

1) Amend each candidate Individually

If there are only a small number (e.g. 20-30 candidates) who are working via the umbrella compnayt, then run a search to find these candidates, open each one individually, and then amend the umbrella company that has been set on the [Controls] tab of their record.

2) Mass Update all candidates who have a particular umbrella to be linked to a new firm.

If there are a large number of workers (40+) all linked to the same umbrella Co, then it is possible to update all of these workers using a small utility tool. 

You will need to contact the Influence support team ( or   t: 01372 365 716) and we will need to arrange to run the utlility program on your system.

[For Influence Staff only; the program needed is UT/setcandumbrellacompdetails

From any workbench, Break to :

Load "UT/setcandumbrellacompdetails" 1000

RUN        ]

[Keywords: umbellla, umbrella company, add umbrella ]




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