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On Mon 26th Sept 2022 Cognito forms introduced a new feature called Workflow

When the feature was introduced it affected the way that fields marked as INTERNAL were sent through on emails. It is these INTERNAL fields that are used by Influence to process the application emails you receive.

Because of these changes you will need to amend the setup of any existing forms you may have designed so that they will continue to work.

If your Cognito subscription is TEAM or ENTERPRISE Plan

If you are on either of these plans, then the steps need to amend existing forms are as below.

Step 1

Open the Form and choose the [Build] option.

Click on one of the Calculation fields in the form, and check that it is set to Show This Field [For Roles] as [Internal]  

(You may want to repeat/check this for all the calculation fields on your Form, though they should all be set the same way.)

Next at the bottom of the page choose Workflow and turn on Workflow Link Sharing

Step 2

On the [BUILD] page scroll to the bottom of your Form and find the [Submit] button.

Click the [Submit] button and then click on the email you wish to adjust.

Step 3

Once the email opens find the 'To' email address and use the drop-down at the right-hand side to choose 'Internal'

At the same time make sure that the email is set to Include entry details and to Attach uploaded files.

Step 4

Make sure to SAVE your above changes.

Then choose the [Publish] tab, and click to publish the Form. You can then fill in a test example of the form and click [Submit] to send an example to yourself to test that these changes have worked correctly.

When you receive the email, open it and make sure that it contains the Internal fields that you need, such as [[CAND_FORENAME]], [[CAND_SURNAME]], etc.

If you have followed all the steps above correctly, then your form will work as it used to. You will need to repeat these steps for any forms that you use to import information into your Influence database, such as Availability Forms, Update Forms, etc.

If your Cognito subscription is a PRO Plan

The best/easiest thing would be to upgrade you Cognito plan to TEAM (or ENTERPRISE) then follow the steps above.  The TEAM plan gives other additional benefits (and more space) so is a great upgrade - feel free to contact Cognito for more information about their subscription plans.

If you wish to remain on the PRO plan then only existing forms can be amended to send these INTERNAL fields.  This may not work !!  
If that is the case, please take it up with the support team at Cognito regarding changes to the functionality within their product.

For existing Forms only follow the steps below (although as mentioned, this does not seem to work in all cases!) - Really you should upgrade to TEAMS of higher.

Step 1

Open the Form, select the BUILD option and go through each of the 'INTERNAL' fields and add the [Reviewer] Role

Remember, you will need to go through every one of the calculated fields on the form and set them with the [Reviewer] role.

Step 2

Choose Workflow from the toolbar at the bottom, then turn on Workflow Link Sharing

This may not work - If it does not, then contact Cognito for more support and guidance on the changes within their product.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of your form, click the [Submit] button then choose the email at the left.

When the email opens set the To email as a [Reviewer]

SAVE your changes.

NOTE: This is only possible for existing forms - if you design a new form after 26th Sep 2022 you will not be able to assign a [Reviewer] role. For new forms you must upgrade your Cognito subscription to a TEAMS or ENTERPRISE plan 

Step 4

Choose the [Publish] tab and click to publish the form, fill in a test form and submit it to yourself. Make sure that the email you receive contains the Intenral fields (i.e. In the email you can see [[CAND_FORENAME]], [[CAND_SURNAME]] etc. )

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