CIS Workers - SDC Approval Checks

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From version (or later) it is possible set setup the system so that you can enforce some additional checks for CIS workers the First Time they are booked to a Site for a ROLE

In order to qualify for CIS Status, construction workers being paid using this pay type must NOT be Supervised, Directed or Controlled (not subject to SDC)


When the parameter is activated the system will perform the following actions for any candidate with a CIS Pay Type, if it is the FIRST time they are booked for that Site/Role combination.

i) The system will create a task using the specified CALL TYPE for SDC to remind the user to perform the 'Supervision Check' for this worker once they have started work.

ii) The system will add some "Booking Warning" Text defined as the CIS Warning that will pop-up within TIMESHEET ENTRY, with a pre-formatted message, something like;

"This is a CIS worker - Ensure that the SDC (supervision) checks have been made for this candidate before confirming this timesheet (See Candidate Journals, call type XXXX)"

Where XXXX is the relevant CIS Call type for SDC Checks.

The pre-formatted text will come from the Notes text against the code in the code table. {This will allow the creation of 'Timesheet Warning' by using the 'Extra Numeric' fields on code table [230] }


In order for this to work there are some code tables and parameters than need to be set.

New Parameters

The following new parameters are used to control this feature:-

TEMPS, Flag 36 - Additional CIS Checks   Y/N  This activates the new feature. Set to Y to turn on the feature.
TEMPS, Free(1) - Free Text code for CIS Warning [CISWARN]
This parameters specifies which code from the Free Text [230] code table is used for the CIS Warning in TIMESHEET ENTRY.
TEMPS, Free(2)- Call type for SDC Checks (CIS Workers) 
This parameter specifies which call type from code table 476 gets used to create the 'TASK' to call and check the worker (Day1 Task) - You may want to create a suitable Call Type


Code Tables

Code Table
Pay Type [166]
Ensure any pay types that are 'CIS' have Extra flags set as Self Employed + Construction
(This ensures that they are regarded as 'CIS')

Free Text Code [230]
This should have an entry added for CISWARN defined as linked to the BOOKING record, and Extra Numeric for 'TS Warning"
Call Type [019] SDC - SDC Check for CIS Workers
Call Results [022] CISY - SDC checked - All OK
CISN - SDC Checked - Not OK (Problem)
TaskCallType [476]
Ensure That there is a call type created here, such as 'CIS' (whatever has been specified in parameter TEMPS, FREE(2) )
Make sure to record 'text' against this call type for the message.

NOTE:  You need to Ensure the following TEXT is Stored against the Entry in Code table 476
Supervisory Check for CIS worker [[ENID_FORENAME$]] [[ENID_SURNAME$]]
{Or whatever you want the Subject of the TASK to be}

This is a CIS worker - Ensure that the SDC (supervision) checks have been made
Call [[ENID_FORENAME$]] on their mobile: [[ENID_MOBILE$]]
{Or whatever you want the body of the task to say}

How to Setup the TIMESHEET Warning

This is the warning that will pop-up in timesheet entry for a CIS worker the first time you try to enter some timesheets for them.

1. Go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters and make sure that parameter TEMPS, FREE(1) is set to CISWRN
2. Go to Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables. Open code table Free Text [230]
Make sure to add a code CISWRN  - CIS Timesheet Warning
3. Tick Extra Info [  ] and make sure the code CISWRN is set as below
Object: BOOK    Book Warn: 1.0     Plain Text: 1.0      TS Warn:  1.0 
4. Stay in code table Free Text [230]. At the right hand side, click the green +
You can then add the text that you want to appear as a warning within TIMESHEET ENTRY.
e.g. This is a CIS worker so please ensure the relevant SDC checks have been made before processing this timesheet.

NOTE: The warning message can only be plain text and cannot include and merge fields such as candidate name, mobile no. etc.

How to Setup the TASK (Call Type, Subject & Body detail/text.)

1. Go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters and make sure that parameter TEMPS, FREE(2) is set to CIS
2. Go to Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables. Open code table Call Types [019]
Make sure to add a code CIS
3. Next Open code table TaskCallTypeTemp [476] and add a code CIS. At the right-hand end click the green + and add the following text.....
This will be the Subject for the Task that is created

This will be the content (Body) of the task that is created

NOTE: These Subject/Body can include merge fields such as Candidate Forname or Candidate Mobile e.g.  [[ENID_FORENAME$]]  or [[ENID_MOBILE]]


How it Works

When you book a candidate, if their PAY TYPE is set to a type that indicates they are a CIS worker, then the FIRST time they are booked for a Site/Role combination, the system will automatically give the user the chance to create a Day-1 task to check SDC.

The Task will default to the first day of their booking (but can be changed if desired)

After creating the task, the system then proceeds in the normal way with the chance to confirm the booking to both parties (Client / Worker)

When using TIMESHEET ENTRY to confirm the Actual times worked, the system will display a WARNING for any of these "First time CIS" bookings

Useful Info: 
If you have made a future-dated booking for a CIS worker, and then subsequently make another booking that will start earlier, then the earlier dated booking then becomes the First booking for that worker, so both bookings will create the Check & Warning.  (i.e. It will not be removed from the later-dated booking.)

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