KCML7 - Emergency License Procedure (new)

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The Influence database is written in a programming environment called KCML:
In order to run the database you need to have a valid License installed on the machine where the database is installed.

The license is tied to the MachineID of the hardware where it is installed, so if you move the database to a new Server, or Virtual Server then it is likely the license will become invalid and you will need to obtain a new KCML license.

In cases of hardware failure or where it has been necessary to move the database at short notice without time to plan the move, and organise a new license there is a process to get an Emergency License. This is a temporary license and last for 5-days, giving time to organise/arrange a new licence for the new server.

The article below explains how you can get an emergency KCML7 license using the licensing tool.


You will need to find the existing licence file (lic.txt) and obtain the SERIAL NUMBER from the Licence, as you will need this later. It is likely to be found in the location where the Influence folder is installed. e.g.

?:\Influence\adp\kcml      (where ? is the drive letter where KCML is installed to, e.g. D)

Having found the lic.txt file
i) Keep a SAFE copy of this - i.e. Copy the file to another folder or drive (not the desktop)
ii) Open the lic.txt file using notepad/word pad and make a note of the Serial Number.

TIP: The path might be 'cdk' or 'keyloop' rather than 'adp' - you can always use windows to search for the file lic.txt to help find the path if you need.

Example of lic.txt serial number (below)


You will now need to run a getID on the location where the Influence folder is installed. To run getID.exe you will need to run on command line (as administrator) from

?:\Influence\adp\kcml      (where ? is the drive letter where KCML is installed to, e.g. D) 

TIP: The path might be 'cdk' rather than 'adp' - you can always use windows to search for the file lic.txt to help find the path if you need.

Then type in the command line getid -7 > idfile.txt and then copy the new machine identifier listed in the get ID. (The machine ID will be stored in the file idfile.txt )

Example of running GetID


You will now need to login to the KCML licensing site, login then get a new emergency license.

https://online.keyloop.com/                  (Click to open the website)

If you do not have a login, create a new account on the portal.

NOTEIf you need to register for a new Login, you must use a corporate email address (free addresses such as ... @gmail.com or ... @outlook.com will not work). 

When setting the password you can only use a maximum of 8 characters. e.g. H@ppyD4y is fine, W1nterW0nd3r# is too long, and would be truncated to W1nterW0

An example of the login screen is shown below

Once connected to the portal  select KCML Licences then Emergency licence.

Paste the old licence CPU ID  (or Machine ID) and the new GET ID. The old identifier can be found from the lic.txt file which is in ADP\KCML folder.

(When completing the license request the License Number is the Serial No you noted in Step 1 above)

IMPORTANT: When you are copying the MID (Machine ID) from a licence file you should not copy the whole string you need to miss off the MID= and the last 20 chars (the security portion of the ID from the ! onwards).


MID=s1YqD10nPUE29Mxc6ScyONBrh7QVWeXa0HmwYq37e0qXWqzZm3rZWITIcAdDfINyXipCIloWaN7WoT8Wp0bBrE3YR6QDfcHM9Uhu6pJjXGxRsXUdfEC8vEuCZzntKmVQ/hlQ60CQhtwnTdOntgjccx9XLGVTek3hvBoMPEJwE7TA3bU8yDQYMegGzBRLXM4tWSej26GnjY8Bwwhof7nIyecTGbQlsb5obSvZIqNoq42lkg1178GOFiXedLzOkTh151sdUmm7/8NqmnciYHuRSTmfLon0m1JLm9GpuRdLQu72rBbx6PDeM072XdDuYovR4NQZTVTrxJKp7wkrzL7JIJnThallUQE5zicXpYxgFPnk3ZdfaMPsgcGzFgtIh4g32DbNDkHUE=!e4c9 b887 c998 6e9b

The emergency licence lasts for 5 days only. Please send the emergency identifier over to Influence so we can update your current licence file.

Once you have submitted your request for the emergency Lic it will be processed, and you will receive an email with the license to the email address that you used to register on the portal.

If it Fails or you need to revert Back....

If you need to revert back to the old server for any reason you will need to make sure you then go back to the Keyloop portal and undo the emergency licence. 

Similarly, if you do not receive the emergency Lic or cannot find this in your emails, then you will need to undo the emergency licence request before you can re-request.  

Remember - you cannot request Lics from 'personal' or 'Free' emails such as xxxx@gmail.com or xxxx@outlook.com

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