Import Unfilled Bookings from Excel

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After version a new facility has been added to allow the import of bookings from an Excel spreadsheet. After Version it is also possible to save import formats against a specific company.

The idea is that users can receive  spreadsheet from a client containing details of number of bookings or shifts that they wish to fill. 

Provided the spreadsheet contains sufficient data, it will be possible to map each of the columns in the spreadsheet to a particular field, such as start time, end time, Booking date, etc. and then import the information into the database to create unfilled bookings for that client.

Example spreadsheet shown below.

NOTE: There is another similar feature that allows users to import "Filled" bookings where a specific candidate has already worked.  Please search our support for Import Bookings from Excel for more details on this other feature.

The basic process is:
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- Select the Spreadsheet

- Select the Company you are loading the bookings for

- Map the Information

- Import the bookings
- Save the Import Template for re-use (optional)

1) Select the Spreadsheet

Go to Maintenance > Temp Centre > Reporting > Import unfilled Bookings

Drag/drop your spreadsheet into the [Spreadsheet] field.

If the spreadsheet contains column headings tick the 1st Row Heading [   ] box.
Use the Data starts on Row [    ] to specify where the data begins.

Tip: It is a good idea to tweak the supplied spreadsheet by removing any unwanted rows, so that the Column Headings are in Row 1 with the data directly underneath (See example below)

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2) Choose the Company

Use the [... ] button next to the Company field to select the company from the database.

3) Map The Information

You may then proceed through the form and specify where each of the elements of a booking will come from.

Work your way down the form

Start Time
 End Time


For each item you may either specify a FIXED Value (using the drop-down at the left hand side)  you may use the 'Columns' drop-downs at the right to select a column from within the spreadsheet which contains the data.


In the example below, the Contact has been specified as Barry Brick, whereas the Role, Start Time  & End Time and Date are taken from columns within the spreadsheet.

(Below is the spreadsheet that the mapping relates to)

Cross-References (X-Ref)

In certain cases when using a Column to specify the values, the column will contain several entries. In those cases it is necessary to create a [X-Ref] list, which will be indicated by the presence of the X-Ref  button.

The [X-Ref] list is used to determine which actual value within the database each of the values within the chosen column equates to.

To build the X-Ref list simply click the X-Ref  button.
The system will then display a list of all the values from the selected column in Excel, and you can map these to the equivalent value within Influence.

In the example above the value "Van Driver" from the spreadsheet has been mapped to "Driver 3.5t (LGV1 Code)" in Influence. 

Having completed the mapping for the columns, you should then specify the Pay Period for these bookings (Hourly/Daily)

Optional - Date Ranges

Ideally the spreadsheet will contain details of each booking/shift that is required, along with a date for the booking. However, if that is not the case it is possible to specify your own date range and days rather than rely upon the spreadsheet.

For example, if you wish to create bookings on every Monday and Wednesday during Feb, you may set the Date Range as 01/02/2019 - 28/02/2019 and specify the Monday and Wednesday  (See Below for Example)

4) Import The Bookings

Once you have completed all the necessary fields, press [Load]

Provided you have completed everything correctly, the system will attempt to load the information from the spreadsheet and use this to create unfilled bookings at the specified company.

The system will display a Preview of what it will create.
At this point you can press [Cancel] to abort, or [OK] to go ahead and create these unfilled bookings.

From Version or later, if you press [OK] the system will offer the chance to SAVE the import template for that Company.

If you choose to import the bookings the system will confirm what has been created (See below).

These bookings can then be viewed and processed in the normal way using the [Planner], [Bookings] tab of the client record, etc etc.

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