Automatic Update of Candidate Status based on Bookings

Created by Martin Parkinson, Modified on Sun, 02 Jul 2023 at 03:14 PM by Martin Parkinson

From version or later a new facility has been introduced to automatically control the Status of candidates, based upon whether or not they have bookings.


While a candidate has any current/future bookings (based on Monday of the current week), the candidate's status should be "LIVE" (or some synonym of this). If a candidate has had bookings within the past ?? weeks, then the status should remain at "LIVE".

If a candidate was added to the system within the past ?? weeks but has not been booked, then the Status should not be touched. 

If a candidate has had no bookings within the past ?? weeks then the status should be changed to HOLD.

If a candidate is in a specified status (there can be up to 4 of these) for more than ?? weeks then they should be automatically changed to DEL (marked for deletion). There will be a parameter added to the system to specify the number of weeks of inactivity (defaulting on setup to 8 weeks), plus the statuses mentioned above should be user definable

Info: The update program will be able to be run both ad-hoc from the Maintenance menu and as an automatic Daemon process.

System Setup

In order for the enhancement to work there are some parameters which control the update process, which are listed below:

Parameter set: TEMP

TEMP, Text(4)
Cand Status for Working Status
Cand Status for Working - Default is LIVE
TEMP, Text(5)
Cand Status Check for Final status
Cand Status check for final status - Default is HOLD
(This is the status(es) that are checked before changing to the final status after 8+ weeks of no status change)
Multiple statuses (up to 4) can be added and separated with a comma. e.g. HOLD,ARC
TEMP, Text(6)
Cand Status for Recent Work
Candidate Status for Recent Work (The status indicating that candidates have worked recently i.e. within XX weeks) - This is typically set to LIVE.
TEMP, Text(7)
On Hold Cand Status
On Hold Cand Status - Default is HOLD (Status to set to if no bookings in 8 weeks) - you can define up to 4 statuses, separated by Commas.
TEMP, Text(8)
Final Cand Status
Final Cand Status (P45/DEL) - Default is DEL
TEMP, Integer(2)
Number of weeks meaning Recent Work - Defaults to 8
TEMP, Integer(3)
Weeks to ignore new cands - Defaults to 8
TEMP, Integer(4)
Weeks On Hold to final status - Default to 8

Running the Process

Once the system has been setup using the parameters above, it is possible to run the process to make these changes.

The option can be found in
Maintenance => Tools => Update Candidate Status (Bookings)

Selecting this option will allow a user to manually run the process.

It is also possible to run this Automatically as part of a Daemon process that runs periodically (typically once per day)

If this is to be run as a Daemon process, the program name is CT/CNDSU

NOTE:  If you require this process to be run as a Daemon, please contact Influence as it is best if we setup the automatic process for you.

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