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From version (or later) we have added a Consent Manager to the system. This allows users to control the allowed communication methods with a candidate and also which items from a candidate (or contact) record can be attached.

NOTE: For NEW systems, this is turned on by default; for older/existing systems it will need to be turned on using Parameter GDPR,Flag(4) - Enable Consent Centre Tab in Padlock

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- How it Works
- Controlling Consent using a Policy
- Setup for Consent Control using a Policy

- Troubleshooting

How it Works

Go to the relevant candidate (or contact) and open the Data Protection manager  (Padlock icon)  at the top of their record. There is a new tab labelled [Consent Centre] which can be used to Block/Allow Consent by clicking the column labelled Block/Allow

Tip: You can use the [Block All] or [Allow All] buttons at the bottom left to quickly set all items.

e.g. To block communication with the candidate by SMS (Text), simply find that item and mark it as Blocked (-). Similarly to prevent the candidates' Safe CV from being sent out as an attachment, find the relevant Activity (Attach Safe CV [CanSCV] ) and set it to Blocked (-)

Once blocked a document, such as the Safe CV cannot be added to the attachment buffer, or attached to a journal (email). It is indicated as blocked on the DOCS page of the candidate. (See below)

If a user attempts to communicate with the candidate in one of the dis-allowed methods the system will display a warning indicating that the communication method has been blocked. e.g.

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Controlling Consent using a Policy

Each of the activities shown in the Consent centre can be managed or controlled using a Policy. See below:

e.g.  Telling the system that the candidate has opted OUT of the SMS Marketing Policy.

Will then Block the SMS activity within the Consent Centre.

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Setup for Consent Control using a Policy

The way to link a Consent activity to a Policy so that it is controlled by that Policy is as below:

i) Login as the UserID "ADM" (or other high-priority user)
ii) Go to Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables. Choose File>Open and select the system area as C - Contact Management, then choose code table Data Cnsnt Codes [450] and tick Extra Info [  ]

iii) Use the Cand Pol/Cont Pol column to specify the CODE for the Policy that will control this consent.

e.g. In the example above, the SMI and SMS Consent codes are controlled using the SMS Policy.

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Sometimes things go wrong. This section provides some helpful hints about what to look out for or what might be causing the problem.

No Consent Centre Tab in Padlock

The most likely issue is that the parameter has not been set
Find GDPR,Flag(4) - Enable Consent Centre Tab in Padlock and tick this.

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