GDPR - Managing and Recording Responses

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Having sent out details of your privacy policy and asked for confirmation that people in your database would like to remain in contact, you will want to record those responses.

Below are some details of methods in which you may wish to handle and store this information.

Drag/Drop Individual Responses

If you receive an email you can drag/drop the response directly onto the relevant candidate/contact in your database.

Open a record, then click the Data Protection Manager(top of the screen).
Once the padlock opens, choose the [Data Policies] tab and then drag/drop the email onto this tab.

If they have not yet opted into any policies, the system will display a pop-up screen for you to choose which policies they are opting into with this email. Simply tick the relevant item(s) and click [OK].

NB: If they have already opted into one or more policies, then you will be asked to choose which policy this new email is being used to opt in to, and the system will display a slightly different pop-up screen.

Finally, having clicked [OK] the system will display a Journal screen, and clicking [OK] on that will record a copy of the opt-in email as a journal.

Drag/Drop Multiple Responses 

If you have received several emails indicating that different candidates have opted in to your policy, you can drag/drop those into the system as a batch.

In this case it is best if there is something which can be used to identify the emails, e.g. they all have the words "Privacy Opt In" in the subject line.

This method is only practical on system after version (To see how to find out what version you have, click HERE)

i) Select multiple emails in your MS Outlook (Ctrl+Click) then Drag/drop these emails onto the workbench.

having imported the emails the system will use the 'From' address in the email to store it against the relevant candidate/contact in the system, providing an audit trail.

ii) Go to the [Candidates] workbench and use the Journals filter to create a search to find candidates who have had this particular Journal added.

e.g. You might find anyone who has an Inwards Email with the subject containing 'Privacy Policy' with a date 'Today' - and example search is shown below.

NB: When searching the DATE for the email will be the date the email was received into your Outlook inbox and *not* the date that you dragged/dropped the email into Influence.

iii) The system will return a list of matching records. You can then create a GROUP of these candidates.

iv) Having created a GROUP, you can then go to the Properties of the GROUP.
From within the Properties window, click the small Padlock to set a Policy for the group.
Select a Policy using the drop-down and choose Opt IN/Opt OUT (or set a Review Date) for all members of this group.

Press [Set] to execute the changes, and the system will display a confirmation message showing what has been done.

Tip: When sending out any requests for candidates to opt-in, it is useful to include a specific 'Tag' that you ask them to put into the subject line of the reply. This will help you to easily identify people based on the Journals when performing the search in step (ii) above.

For more information about the email templates you can send, see HERE.

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