Policy Groups (GDPR)

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Policy Groups are part of the enhancements added to help manage your obligations under GDPR, introduced after release

The Policy Management module allows users to create an manage policy documents, and the Data Protection Manager allows users to record whether candidates (or contacts) have opted in and out of those policies. The system will maintain Policy Groups for those candidates who have opted in/out from a particular policy, allowing them to easily be contacted or emailed.

Policy Groups - Current Policies

Any policies which have been created and setup which are subject to GDPR Management will be displayed as GROUPS at the left hand side of the workbench (e.g. [Candidates])

For each Policy there will be three groups displayed

- this will show people who have opted IN to the specified policy

 - this will show candidates who have specifically opted OUT of the policy

- this will show people where no decision has yet been recorded (i.e. they have not yet opted IN or OUT of the policy.) 

These groups at the left show the details for the current published version of this policy.
If you want to find details of subscriptions to previous Policies, then this can be done via the Policy Manager

Historic Policy Groups

is possible to create groups relating to Historic Policies which have since been replaced with a new published policy. This can be done from within the Policy Manager option.

- Choose Maintenance > Tools > Policy Manager

Once the Policy Manager screen opens, select the relevant Policy and click on the number from the In/Out/Unknown . This will then pop-up a screen to create a group

This Group will then appear at the left of the relevant workbench ([Candidates] / [Contacts] ) depending which group you chose.

Note: The newly created Historic Policy Group will appear in the normal "Groups" section at the left of the workbench and not in the Policy Groups section.

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