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It is possible to setup compliance items to apply to a specific Work Type so that it will only apply to Role Codes which have been assigned to this Work Type.

It is also possible to setup compliance items so that they are only applicable to specific Job Codes. In this case the Role Codes do not need to be assigned to the same work type, but can be individually selected and associated with the Compliance item.

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Compliance Items by Work Type

Compliance Items for specific Job types   


Compliance Items by Work Type

To setup a compliance item so that it is linked to a Work Type choose Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup.
Click the [... ] button to select a specific compliance item.

How to associate Role codes with a Work Type

When using the above, it is useful to associate certain jobs with a "Work Type". e.g. certain food packing  or agricultural jobs may be associated with a particular Work Type, such as "F" - indicating they are to do with Food. You may then decide to associate a particular compliance item such as a GLA-Approval with this Work Type. This is done within the Role Codes (903) code table.

Choose Maintenance, Setup, Codes Tables
Select system area C - contact Management, then choose code table = Role Codes (903)
Tick the 'Extra info'[   ] box at the bottom of the screen, then enter a Work Type into the 'Work Type' column

NB: For Driving roles, the Work Type should be set as capital 'D' if you wish to have driving hours regulations applied (as per E.U. HGV driving rules) or small 'd' to use driving 'Work Type' but not apply the hours calculations.

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Compliance Items for specific Job types

To link a compliance item to one (or more) specific Role Codes choose
Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup. Click the [... ] button to select a specific compliance item.
Choose the [Specific job codes] tab and add as many Role Codes as you like using the drop-downs

NB: You will only be able to get into Compliance setup if your Login has suitable priority levels as this is not available to all users

In the screenshot below you can see that the compliance item Driving License has been associated with the several different Role Codes such as HGV Driver, Warehouse Driver, Van Driver and Sales Executive.

In the example above some of the Roles have the same Work Type, but some of the items are from un-related Work Types.


Note: From version or later, when setting up items, it is possible to associate an item with All job codes at once, using the new [All Codes] button 


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