The Capture Tool

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How to use the Capture Tool 

Influence professional has a Capture tool, to help you capture contacts & Companies and bring the information into the database.

  1. Find the information you want to copy such as an email signature, highlight the text, and choose COPY.
  2. Go into Influence and find the Company where you want to add this contact, then click the [Capture] button at the bottom of the screen.

 The system will try to capture the information. If any information gets missed, then simply highlight the relevant info in the Paste box, and then copy/paste it into the relevant field (Ctrl-C (Copy) / Ctrl-V (Paste) )

Capturing Companies

The capture tool can also be used to capture and add Companies to the system. Simply highlight the required information
and copy it (Ctrl-C)

In Influence choose the [Companies] workbench and press [Capture]
The system will then parse the copied information and try to organize it into suitable field.

If any information has been missed or is incorrect, then simply amend the information before clicking [OK]

NOTE: In this instance when adding the company, the domain section of the email (i.e the bit after the @-sign
such as will be stored as the email address against the company (It can only do this, since the domain is the only bit that may be true for the company.)  See below.


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