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Your Influence Professional system has the ability for you to setup various Compliance items and documents for candidates, which will be shown on the Compliance page of the candidate record. It is possible to setup Referees and Reference Requests as compliance items.

This document explains how to create a Referee and then generate a reference request document. The document can then be sent (emailed) to the referee.

After version whenever a reference request is sent out to a contact via the database, the email will be stored as a journal against the candidate as well as the relevant contact. This is shown below in the article.

Sending a Reference Request

  1. Go to a candidate record, choose the [Compliance] tab and then click on Click to [Add] Referee. This will open a New Contact page where you can record the details of the referee.  When creating a referee you should use the Personal page of their record to record the name of the company they work for as part of their Address
  2. Go back to the [Compliance] tab and click the small MS Word icon – you can then choose a Template (document) that you wish to make. Make the document, then SAVE the document and click [Apply] at the bottom right of the candidate record.
  3. .Once you have mode the document, move to the [Docs] tabof the candidate record  – you will see the document you just made. Place a tick in the Attach column.
  4. Go back to the[Compliance] tab of the candidate record. Click on the name of the referee, then when their contact record opens, click the EMAIL to open an email Journal.
  5. Select a CALL TYPE, then write the content of the email. Once you have written the             email you want, use the paperclip at the top of the screen to select the document and       attach it to the email.

Reference Request Emails stored on Candidate Record

How it Works

There are a couple of ways of sending a reference request, depending upon how your system has been setup and configured.

1) From the [Personal] tab of the candidate  record

On here, you can click the small 'head' to add the details of a referee.
Use the drop-downs to record the relationship, type of reference etc.

Once done, click the MS Word icon next to the contact.
A pop-up window will appear where you can select the reference request template, the contact and then tick Auto attach

2) From the [Compliance] tab of the candidate  record

On here, you can click the light-blue writing to record the name of the contact who will be their referee.
You then click the 'Reference Request' above to make the document for that contact.
When the pop-up window appears, you can select the contact and choose Auto Attach (similar to above)

For either version

Once you choose [OK] the system will open a journal.
You can choose a call type or a template if you wish, but you will notice that the system displays the name of the candidate in the object bar at the top of the screen. (See below)

This will ensure that the email journal will be recorded against both the contact and the candidate.

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