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This custom Export format will allow you to export information from the TIMESHEET ENTRY module into Quickbooks Online  in order to produce Sales Invoices to your clients.

It will produce an excel file containing details of the client name, the number of "Units" and a price. When imported into Quickbooks Online it will create a sales invoice.

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System Setup

Before you start using the report it will be useful to setup a few items in your system.

Setup:  Make sure to setup code table TAX CODE [406] so that it has relevant tax codes to match to those in Quickbooks. Set Extra Numeric [10] as the 
actual tax %age   e.g. Use '20' to mean 20%

Please speak to Influence if you need help with this.

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Field Details

Below is a list of fields that are included in the export, with a brief explanation of what each field is used for.

Export Format - Fields

Below are the list of fields in the export file. Items marked as * are mandatory items for Quickbooks

This will be an Invoice number - you can specify
The name of the customer
*Invoice Date
Invoice Date
*Due Date
Due date - this is calculated based upon the 'Terms Days' stored on the customer in Influence, e.g. 30 days
Pay Terms Type
A code for the Terms type - set on the [Accounts] tab in Influence.
Description of the product, e.g. Temporary Worker Hours Worked
Description of the product/service e.g. John Smith, 35Hrs  Role-HCA
No. of Hrs worked  e.g. 22.5Hrs
Charge Rate e.g. £12.42(Hr)
Total Amount e.g. 22.5 x £12.35  i.e. £279.45
Tax CodeTax Code description
Tax RateThe tax Rate, eg 20.00 %
Item Tax Amount
Calculated tax e.g. 20% x £279.45  = £55.89

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How to Use the Export Format

It is possible to export entered timesheets in a format suitable for import into Quickbooks OnLine. This can be done from within the [Timesheet Entry] option of Influence

i) Go into timesheet Entry and filter the list to show Entered Timesheets

ii)  Click the [Export] button at the bottom left.

iii) When prompted use the drop-down to choose the export format Quickbooks 

iv) If it is the final version you wish to import into Quickbooks then tick  that it is an Invoice Run. If you want the system to produce invoice numbers then tick Autonumber Invoices and set the 1st Inv No. 

Optional: You may want to set a Prefix/Suffix for your Invoice numbers, e.g. INV-12345INF

v) Set the export path.   (Tip: You may wish to create a suitable folder on your own PC such as C:\Temp\Timesheets and then set this as the export path.)

Having run the export the system will automatically open the export folder so you can open or see the file which has been produced.

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Example Output

Below is an example of the type of output file produced.

The export should match the fields required by Quickbooks Online , and you will be able to map each of the columns as part of the Quickbooks Online  import process. (Please see your Quickbooks documentation for more info.)

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Any other miscellaneous info can be added here 

Sample PDF File

Attached is a Sample PDF file from Quickbooks indicating what columns are required and where they will typically appear on the Invoice from Quickbooks.  (File: sample.pdf)

Set the Tax Code for each Site

If you are going to use the Quickbooks export format you will need to set the Tax Code correctly for each site. This is done using the Branches icon in the toolbar, then select the [Manage] tab for the site.

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