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Campaign Monitor is an online emailing and marketing tool which can be used for mass communication with your customers and clients. It is possible to create a Group within Influence and link it to a List in Campaign Monitor.

Within campaign monitor it is possible for members of the list to unsubscribe from the list or to be deleted from the list. These changes to group members are reflected within the linked Group in Influence.

This facility has been added from version or later. To find out more about GROUPS and how to use them, click HERE.

NOTE:  When linking GROUPS to Campaign Monitor it must be a list of people - so it is only possible to link [Candidates] or [Contacts] Groups.
{i.e. you cannot create a Group of Companies and set it up as a linked Group - you should instead create a group of the relevant Contacts at those companies instead.]

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System Setup

In order to get the system to work with Campaign Monitor, you will need to set some parameters with the relevant API Keys.

Within Maintenance > Setup > Parameters, select the parameter set for GROUPS.
You will need to set:
Campaign Monitor API
Campaign Monitor Client API 

Important: Some newer API keys are very long. If your API Key is longer than 32-characters, then you should leave GROUPS, Paths(1)Blank.
You will need to split the API Key up this up and store it in the 4 x Campaign Monitor parameters GROUPS, Paths(3-6). Each parameter can store upto 100 characters 

These API details can be found when you login to your Campaign Monitor Account.
Select the 'Account Settings option at the top right.


Then choose API Keys

Finally make a note of the two keys (API Key and Client ID)

Additional Setup if using Influence Cloud Desktop

If you are using a Thinhost/Connect Cloud Desktop then you will need to change parameter JNL_B, Flag(1) to "C"

JNL_B, flag(1) IP Telephony Client  or Server COM   [ C ]

This will ensure that the communication with Campaign Monitor is sent from the Client (desktop) rather than the Server.

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How to create a Group Linked to Campaign Monitor

When adding a group, users are able to select whether the group should be linked to Campaign Monitor using the List Type  drop-down.

Currently the only available List Type is Campaign Monitor (other types such as Mail Chimp may be added in future)

Remember: Only GROUPS of Candidates or Contacts can be setup as a 'Campaign Monitor' List type. It is not possible to link other Groups such as 'Companies' or 'Vacancies' in this way.

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Using Campaign Monitor Groups

When viewing groups at the left of the workbench in the Show section, Groups linked to Campaign Monitor will be indicated with a [+]
Clicking the [+] will expand the group and show the four elements of the group. Selecting an element will query campaign monitor and retrieve the latest figures.

Elements of a Campaign Monitor linked Group

All - This will show the total number of member of the group across all elements.

Unsubscribed - gives a list of the members of the group who are marked as unsubscribed within the Campaign Monitor list.

Deleted - will display members of the group who are marked as deleted within the Campaign Monitor list.

Bounced - This will display details of emails which are marked as 'bounced' within the Campaign Monitor list.

All of these elements are matched by tabs on the list within Campaign Monitor

(See below)   example Campaign monitor list

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Managing Lists within Campaign Monitor

Members of the list can be managed from within Campaign Monitor.
Moving members to Unsubscribed or Deleted will be reflected in Influence the next time the Group is selected or displayed, as will those which are shown as 'bounced' within Campaign Monitor.

In the example above, the WH/Ops for Mailer Group shows 4 'active' group members, 7 members in total,  1 unsubscribed and 2 deleted.

Note: If a list is deleted from within campaign monitor, then when it is selected within Influence a warning will be displayed to say that the group no longer exists in Campaign Monitor. Selecting the Properties for the group will then remove the Campaign Monitor link.

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Below are listed various error messages or warnings that you may receive back from Campaign Monitor, along with useful information about what the message means and how to resolve the issue.

i) Failed to deserialise your request.

At the moment we have no further information regardign this message.

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