Making a Placement against a successful On Spec to a Client

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An "On Spec" match is a type of match that links a Candidate to a given Contact at a Company, permitting the consultant to Send a CV, Follow-up the CV, Book Interviews etc. all in the absence of a vacancy record.  A workflow is produced, and can be followed, much the same as matching a candidate to a pre-defined vacancy.

So what happens when the successful "on spec" of a candidate results in a placement?  How is this processed and recorded within your Influence system?

Effectively, a two step procedure needs to be followed:

1. Create a Vacancy

First and foremost, a vacancy will need to be created; although at the time the "on spec" match was created, there was no vacancy instruction from the client contact, the success of the "on spec" has resulted in the creation of a position within the company.   This position now needs to be recorded within Influence.

In short, create a vacancy and transfer/convert the "on spec" match to this vacancy in order to make the placement.

It is possible to access the Company record and create a Vacancy directly from the "On Spec" match, either from within the [Candidate] record under the Matches tab, or from the [On Spec] workbench.

Click the purple navigation arrow to the far left of the specific "on spec" match; from the drop down selection list, click On-Spec and this will open the On-Spec match (see below)

Notice the Company details under the "On Spec for Company" section to the top right of the screen, together with the two buttons: "Detail" and "Select".

Click the "Detail" button; this will open the Company record.  A vacancy can now be added: through the Vacancies tab => Click "New".  Once added, the vacancy should be listed, along with any other existent vacancies, under the Vacancies tab.

Tip: You might want to make a note of the vacancy reference.

Click OK to return to the "On Spec" Match/Interview screen.

2.) Convert the On Spec Match to a Vacancy Match

Now that the vacancy has been created, the On Spec match can be "converted" to a vacancy match, since the vacancy now exists.

Click the "Select" button.  This should list out all the current live vacancies at the company, together with their associated vacancy reference numbers.  The noted vacancy reference number from step 1 above will enable easy identification of the newly added vacancy within the list.  If the newly added vacancy is the only current live vacancy at the company, then this will be the only entry in the list.

Double click the identified vacancy; this will exit back to the originating "On Spec" match record, at which point clicking "Apply" to the bottom right hand of the screen will convert the On Spec match to a Vacancy match.  Notice that the "On Spec to Company" section, to the top right hand of the screen, has now been replaced with a "Vacancy" section, detailing the summary of the vacancy.

Click OK to close out the match record; it is now a standard Vacancy match, which reflects all the workflow steps/history that were executed with the On Spec match prior to conversion. 

At this point the Placement step can be executed.






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