How do I – Add Multiple Safe CV templates

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The Influence Professional  system can hold multiple Safe CV templates, any of which can be automatically created by the system simply by clicking the relevant icon in your Influence Professional software.

In order to allow multiple Safe CV templates, the system needs to be configured to allow this, as ‘out-of-the-box’ it is only configured to allow a single Safe CV layout.


1)   Adding a new Candidate workflow document (Safe CV layout)

Login as Administrator (ADM)
Select Maintenance > Setup > Parameters
Open parameter set ENIGMACND (Enigma Candidate Documents), and choose the [TEXT] tab.
Add your new CV (e.g. Safe CV-Type 2) and give it a short prefix, no more than 4 characters (e.g. SCV2 or ACV)
Make a note of which document number you have used.
Press [OK] and save the parameters.

2)   Telling Influence Professional that a 2nd Safe CV exists

Now that you have added the new Safe CV as a document, you need to setup Influence Professional so that it knows there are multiple Safe-CV layouts.

Whilst logged in as Administrator (ADM), choose Maintenance > Setup > Parameters
Open parameter set  INTWORKFLW (Interview Workflow Checkboxes), and choose the INTEGER tab.
Set parameters 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7, to point to the parameter to the new document number you used in step 1.
Press [OK] and save the parameters.


3)   Creating the new Safe CV Template

Now that you set the parameters to indicate there will be multiple Safe CVs, you now need to go and create the template that will be used to generate the alternative Safe CV.

Whilst logged in as Administrator (ADM) select Maintenance > Tools > Template Maintenance, then choose the WORD tab.
Enter a short name for the document (e.g.  CanAltCV) and a description (e.g. “Anonymous CV”)
Use the drop-down to choose the Template for (Candidate) and the Document Type. Then click [APPLY].

(At this point it is possible to drag/drop an example CV cover sheet onto the page.)

Next click [EDIT TEMPLATE] and edit the template, adding the Merge fields and layout you want.

When finished, save the MS Word document, and close the Template Editor.


4)   Using the Multiple Safe CVs.

Now that you have setup multiple safe CVs, it is incredibly easy to use them within Influence Professional.

Method 1

From a Candidate record, click on the [Documents] tab.

Click the little MS Word icon next to the document you wish to create, and the system will communicate with MS word, and create the document for that candidate.

Method 2

From within a Vacancy (or Candidate) choose a match record. Click the workflow checkbox labelled CVsnt.

If there is a small MS Word icon in the ‘CV Sent’ box, it indicates that a Safe CV has yet to be created. Simply click the MS Word icon, and you will be presented with a choice of safe CV’s to create.


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