How to Create and Use an OnSpec Match

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This article explains how to create On-Spec matches lo link a candidaste with one or more managers, and then send their CVs prospectively to these managers.




An ‘on spec match is a record in your Influence Professional system that records when you have sent details of a candidate to a client without there being a specific vacancy.

A good example of the use of an on-spec match is when you receive a highly promising CV from a good quality candidate and want to send this to some of your Clients/Contacts  to see if they would be interested in employing them, even though the client has no specific vacancy at the time.

Creating the OnSpec Matches

1)    From the [Candidate]  workbench find the candidate for whom you wish to create on-spec matches, and choose the [Matches] tab.

2)    Use the radio button at the bottom right of the screen to choose Single or Multiple.

Single ( ) This is the best option if you know the company you want to choose. Simply click the button, enter the company name, then drill-in and select the contact. Repeat this as many times as you want to add matches at different companies.
Multiple ( )This is the best option if you don't know exactly where you want to send them.  Using this options will open a Company search where you can search for contacts at particular types of organisation and then review those contacts to select several who you wish to match the candidate with.

3)    Click the [OnSpec]  button.

4)    Depending which type you chose (Single or Multiple) you will get shown a search screen where you can find the contacts/companies to send the candidate details to.

Searching for a Single contact

You will see a screen like the one below, where you can quickl;y find a single Company using details such as their NAME, Address of Bus Type.

Example of search screen for a SINGLE OnSpec match

In the case of Single you will get a simple company search where you can quickly find the company to which you wish to send the candidate CV.  Having found the company you will be shown a list of Contacts at that Company, and can choose one, by simply double-clicking the Contact

Finally, click the [OK] button, and an on-spec match will have been created for the candidate.

{You can repeat this as many times as you like if you want to create several matches)

Searching for Mutliple contacts

In the case of Multiple you will get a more comprehensive search where you can filter on Categories, Area codes, etc.

If you wish to search using Attributes then you can decide if you want to look at Attributes on the COMPANY or on the CONTACT. Select which using the Radio Buttons next to the [Criteria] button. Then click [Criteria] to open the criteria search, where you can define the attributes you want to search for,

To run your search click the [Search] button at the bottom left. 

Having retrieved a list of suitable contacts working at companies matching your search criteria, simply tick the Inc column for those to whom you wish to send the CV. Then click the [MATCH] button (bottom left) not the [OK] button.

This will then create on-spec match record for the candidate with all the selected contacts.

Example of the Contact search screen for a Multiple OnSpec Match

Tip: Remember that with on-spec matches, the SpcSnt workflow box will show a warning triangle, since it is not possible to send the candidate a Job Spec for an on-spec match, since (initially) there is no job/vacancy !

Sending the CVs to the Contact(s)

Having created the On-spec Matches, you want to send the emails. Do this as follows.

1)    Chose the candidate and go to their [Matches] tab.
Use the drop-down next to [Action] to select CV Sent (On spec), then click the [Action] button.

Once you have clicked the [Action] button the system will take you into the macro Manager screen which is where you can send the emails from.

2. In the Macro manager screen you will be presented with a list of the contacts to whom you wish to send the CV.
You can use the [Include] column to un-tick any contacts to whom you do not wish to send the CV.

3) At the top of the screen use the 'Template' drop-down. Either select a greeting style (eg Hi, Hello, Dear) or choose a template
to apply, then click the [Apply] button at the TOP of the screen.
** DO NOT CLICK [APPLY] at the bottom of the screen yet as this will send the CVs. **


4) If you chose one of the greetings (, , ) then type your message into the large white box. Remember to give your email a  SUBJECT at the top of the screen.

5) Once happy with your message/subject, click in the Done column next to one of the contacts. This will pass ONE email into MS Outlook for you to check. If you are happy, click [Send] in MS Outlook - if not, then do not send the email, come back to
this screen and amend the email, then repeat the process.

6) Finally, once happy with the email you have designed, tick the Batch Mode [  ] tick box in Options at the right hand side and then click the [Apply]  button at the bottom of the screen. This will then pass all the other emails (one-at-a-time) into MS outlook and Send them for you.


OnSpec Matches via the Company

It is possible to run things the other way round, i.e. Go to a Company record, and then search your database for suitable candidates to send to them "OnSpec". This process is described below.

Step 1: Go to the Company record and choose the [OnSpec] tab. 

At the bottom left use the drop-down and seelct the Contact to whom you wish to send the CVs.

Step  2:  Next, click the [Search] button to the left of the contact you chose, to open the Candidate Search screen. Within the Search page, construct a search for the type of candidate you want. You can search using a variety of items, such as Candidate Status, Postcode, Role and Attributes (Skills).

Example: Search looking for LIVE candidates seeking roles of Receptionist or Secretary, with Attributes (skills) of Excel-Plus OR Qlik View

Click [Search] to run the search.

When the system returns a list of candidates, you can double-click their name to review them, and can place a tick in the [Inc] column for any candidates you wish to select.

Finally, click the [Match] button to create the OnSpec matches for the selected (ticked ✅) candidates.

Once done, click [OK] to close the search window.

Step 4: If you have followed along correctly, you will have several OnSpec matches listed on the [OnSpec] tab of the client.

You can send CVs individually by clicking the [CVSnt] stage of the workflow.

If you wish to send multiple CVs to the contact, then use the [Action] button at the bottom of the screen, and select the Send All CVs option.  You will be presented with a screen where you can choose which CVs you wish to send.

Clicking [OK] will then pass the CVs to a Journal (email) that can then be sent to the chosen Contact.

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