Health & Safety Text Module

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Health & Safety Text Module

From version onward a new Health & Safety feature has been added.
It is possible to store standard lists of RISKS and ACTIONS related to health and safety. These stored items can then be quickly added to a Company, Site or Booking Requirement.

The details of these health & safety information items can then be added to document or email templates as a merge field.
For temporary workers this makes it easy to create an Assignment Confirmation template containing relevant Health & Safety details

Adding Risks and Actions

Login to the database as a suitably privileged user and choose
Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables.
Select system area as C - contact management and then choose HSE Risks (437) or HSE Actions (438)

Slide to the bottom of the list and add codes in the normal way (Enter a CODE, press then enter a description.)

HSE RISKS (437) - This is a list of the common RISKS on site, e.g, Noise, Moving Machinery, Chemicals, etc.

HSE ACTIONS (438) - This is a list of the ACTIONS taken to mitigate risks, e.g, Ear Defenders, Safety Guards, Protective Clothing, etc.


Setting Risk and Action text on a Company/Site

Once the HSE Risks and HSE Actions have been created, you can then easily assign these to a particular Company or Site.
From within the [Temp Centre] select the [Companies] workbench and find the Company.
Open the company record and click the small 'Warning Triangle' at the top of the screen to open the HSE Text module.

Once the Health & Safety text window opens use the drop-down lists for RISK and ACTION to select the items which are applicable to this site.

If there are any specific notes then these can be added by clicking the + button and adding notes.
Actions which have additional notes are displayed with a small notepad icon.


Using the Merge fields

Within the Template editor the Health & Safety notes can be found in the Text Notes section of the catalogue at the left hand side.
Simply Double-click on the field to insert it into the template area.


 H and S Comp Handout - this field will show the H&S items from the Site and the company. If the Site & Company both have the SAME Risk/Action then the details from the SITE will be shown in preference to those from the Company.

H and S Site Handout - this field will show the H&S items from the Site only.

H and S Req Handout - this field will show the H&S items from the Booking Requirement only.


as stated above, the Heath and Safety Risk/Action information is applied in a hierachy and if the same Risk/Action combination has been setup at both the company and site level, then the information from the Site will be displayed in preference to that from the Company when using the H and S Comp Handout merge field.






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