Product Release Notes: Jan 2024 - Dec 2024

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This article gives details of features and fixes included in each release of the software. To see which version you currently have installed see this article HERE 

For older release notes click HERE (Jan 2022-Dec 2022)

For older release notes click HERE (Jan 2023-Dec 2023)




RELEASE NOTES:  Jan-Dec 2024


For earlier releases please use the links above to see the features release during the relevant year.


If you are an Influence direct customer using a database in our hosted data centres, then please be aware that enhanced security is now in place. In order to protect your data, when accessing from many non-UK locations, especially outside Europe, you will need to use a VPN that provides a UK-Based IP address. This is to help protect your data from hackers and other threats. 

Typical VPN providers include Norton, NORD VPN, Express VPN, Cyberghost, etc. Influence do not endorse or recommend any specific VPN.

(NB: Some mainland European locations are allowed, but a VPN is always preferred. Always abide by local laws when using a VPN as this may be illegal from some locations.)

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Set Values for Group, extended to allow setting of 'Company Trade Details'

When logged in as the UserID "ADM" you can use the properties of a GROUP to set field values En-Masse for all members of the Group. This feature has now been extended and allowss you to use the same Group of Candidates/Workers to set fields realting to the 'Company Trade Details' (for things like Umbrella companies, etc.)

HOME page remembers last tab from previous login

When logging into the system and selecting the [HOME] page, the system will now remember  the previous tab and open up on the tab when the users next logs in. 

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- When drilling into a client from the AWR report, the client record is opened in "TEMP CENTRE" context, and displays the [Worker History] tab within the client record.

- From this release onward, when the option to set booking owner for individual shifts in enabled (Parameter TEMPS, Flag(41) ) the "Book Owner" filter within TIMESHEET ENTRY looks at this Shift Owner. If there is no shift owner, then the Booking owner from the Booking Header/Vacancy is checked in the normal way.

This change also affects the 'Booking Owner' filter on the PLANNER and VIEWS workbenches.

- Back-End system adaptations to allow for changes to Minimum Wage (UK) 2024.

- Dragging/Dropping an email directly from MS Outlook onto the 'Bookign Entry' form now correctly saves the *.msg file as a document against the booking. Previosuly it was necessary to save the file to the desktop first before drag/drop onto the booking entry form.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue that could cause a Crash when attempting to rename a document that had been dropped onto the [Compliance] tab of a worker record.

- Fixed an issue with SMS replies which meant that any reply showing a £-sign displayed "?" instead of the actual value

(e.g. £35k would become ?k ) - fixed by translating UTF-8 encoding.

- Fixed an issue when exporting Compliance 'RAG Report' to MS Excel that meant 'Visa' items were exported to Excel with the incorrect colour (showed as red in MS Excel instead of white/un-coloured)

Release: (01/02/2024) Ver:



New Compliance & Reference Chase Module.

A new Compliance & Reference Chase module has been added to the software.

This module can be used by system administrators or high-level users to setup chase sequences and follow-up on compliance items and documents that are required from candidates.

Essentially you can create a series of emails to be sent, that will check if certain compliance items have been received, or have expired since the last time an email was sent, and will then send the relevant email (chase 1, chase 2, chase 3, etc.) to the candidates as appropriate.

The tool is designed to help compliance managers and administrators in following-up (chasing) different items and paperwork from candidates to ensure that you have the right documentation recorded and on-file.

More information can be found in our support article HERE  or  go to our support website and search for Compliance Chase Module

Candidate Compliance Tab indicates Mandatory/Warnable/Optional items 

The [Compliance] tab of a candidate now has visual markers to indicate if an item is Mandatory, Warnable or Optional (Red, Amber, Green). If you hover over the traffic light icon, the system will indicate if the item is only applicable for specific Roles.

{All the info for these icons are based upon the setup of the compliance items themselves, from Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup as to whether they are Mandatory/Warnable/Optional.}

Candidate Compliance Tab - filter items by ROLE 

The [Compliance] tab of a candidate now allows users to filter the list of displayed items by ROLE.

At the top left is a ROLE drop-down. This can be setup to display ALL Roles, or restricted to only the ROLES specified on the [Requires] tab of the candidate (i.e. Those roles that they may wish to do)

{The Control over which Roles are available in the drop-down is via parameter

RECD Flag 44 - Cand Compliance Role Filter - Cand Roles only - The default is to restrict it to candidate sought roles only}

Margin Report now takes account of Consultant Splits for Temp Bookings

The Margin Report now takes account of Consultant Splits for Temp Bookings. Temp bookings linked to a Vacancy take the Split from the 'Placed' MATCH record on the vacancy; Temps bookings via a Booking Requirement take the Splits from the new [Splits] tab on the Booking Requirement; Temp Bookings made in the normal way (from the client/candidate or planner) take the splits from the TIMESHEET Record.

Vacancy Bookings -> Splits taken from the placed MATCH record on the Vacancy.

'Std' Bookings (from Client/Candidate/Planner) -> Splits taken from the Timesheet Entry record,

Bkg Requirement Bookings ->Splits taken from the new [Splits] tab added to the Bkg Requirement.

Create GROUP of Clients based on list of A/C Codes or Uniq_IDs

The existing feature to create a GROUP of candidates based upon a list of email_addresses/mobile numbers has been extended and now allows users to create a GROUP of Clients based upon an external list of A/C codes (Account codes) or Client Uniq_IDs.

A/C codes can be found to the bottom-left within the Company/Client record and the field may be labelled as Company code or Client code.

The Client Unique ID can be found within the 'Misc' tab of the Company/Client record.

The Client Group Creation tool can be found in Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Create GROUP from List

After copying the data click on the blue [Paste] button when pasting data, this is to ensure all copied data is pasted into the paste area.

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- Internal system developments linked to the integration with 'Signable'. Allows choice of 'Party' (1,2 or 3) and the order in which these parties are assigned for signing.

- It is now possible to HIDE the 'bank details' field of a candidate record, even when using multiple pay-types. In the case of multiple pay types, it is possible to set the system such that some fields are hidden on the [Controls] tab of the candidates, whilst others are hidden when viewing the actual pay-type window.

- When running an 'IQ Report' on multiple databases, the system now records the "Last Ran by / Last Run Date" separately 'per system' rather than a single 'last run' date across all systems.

- If parameter PAYROLLB, Flag(3) [Group Booking ID on Weekly TS] has been set, then the Combi-Sheet will display the Booking_ID at the top right. Only bookings related to the displayed ID will be shown in the Combi sheet for that week.

See below.

- Added a couple of new fields to the Custom Timesheet Exports , to allow the export of "Split Consultants"

If you have added SPLIT percentages to a Booking then it is possible to show the Consultant ID/percentage for upto 5 splits.

The consultants are held differently depending on the type of tempo booking.

* AdHoc / Std Bookings - Split consultants taken from Timesheet Entry

* Booking Linked to Vacancy - Split consultants taken from Vacancy MATCH/Placement record.

* Booking_Requirement Booking - Split consultants will be taken from the Requirement Header.

Bug Fixes

- When creating contact searches from the older 'Searching>Contacts>New' option, it was possible for the system to omit the relevant filters *if* parameter RECB,flag(25) had been set to revert to previous search. This behaviour has been rectified and searches now always offer the relevant filter criteria for Contact searches.

- Fixed an error which allowed extensions to booking requirements to bypass credit check compliance item. (Applied to requirements only, other ad-hoc bookings behaved correctly)

- Fixed an issue to hide the "All Offices" filter on the vacancies workbench for system that are not "Multi-Office". The filter should not have been displayed.

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