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Your Influence Professional software has an in-built feedback system which allows you to record information and feedback against candidate bookings. This is ideal for TEMPORARY assignments where candidates are sent to many clients for short periods of time and you wish to record comments or scores about their performance.

Feedback System Setup

There are several parameters that need to be setup in order to activate the feedback system.

Priority to display candidate feedback tab
Name for Candidate Feedback tab.
Priority to display Client Feedback tab
Name for Client Feedback Tab
Negative Score for a ‘Strike’
Number of Strikes to stop booking
Negative FB score to ban from site
CODE Tables:
C – Contact Management
Booking Feedback [225]
Allows users to setup feedback codes, e.g.  A1, GOOD, OK, POOR
The extra details columns in the code table allow users to pre-set the ‘default’ feedback scores for these codes,
e.g  GOOD = +5


Using the Feedback System

Feedback can be recorded against a specific Booking/Set of bookings or as General feedback from the Company.






The system allows users to record feedback from the client about the candidate and also from the candidate about the client.


General Feedback
From the Candidate Screen:  
Go to a candidate record and select the ‘Feedback’ page and click the [New] button. Once the Feedback Entry screen appears, select the Company, the contact and then record your Feedback.


From the Company Screen:  Go to a company record and select the ‘Feedback’ page and click the [New] button. Once the Feedback Entry screen appears, select the Candidate, the contact and then record your Feedback.


NB:  Wherever you start to record your feedback the system shows the record on both sides.








Booking specific Feedback

It is possible to record feedback relevant to a specific booking. This is done within the TIMESHEET ENTRY module, since this feedback is often received or collected at the same time as timesheet information.

i)                    Get into the Timesheet Entry module. (This can easily be accessed using the [T’Sheets] button at the bottom left of the Bookings/Planner Screen.



ii) Once within the timesheet entry screens, select the Fb (Feedback) column at the right hand side of the screen (you may have to scroll) and then P in the column. This will then open the Feedback Entry screen and you can record the feedback relevant to this booking.



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