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Normally within Influence you create a Safe/Formatted version of the candidate CV as an MS Word document, and this "Safe CV" is automatically attached when you send an email to a client as part of a job application.

However, if you wish, it is possible to create a PDF version of the CV and have the system automatically attach the PDF version instead.


1) Go to the candidate record, choose the [Docs] tab and make the Safe CV as you normally would.
 (i.e. Click the small MS word icon, let the system merge the original CV onto your headed document, then edit the content to remove any contact details)

2) Click the small document icon at the right of the Safe CV to open the MS word document.
When the document opens in MS Word, choose File, Save as.. and save the file as a *.pdf, then close MS Word.

e.g.  SCV12476.doc   should be saved as  SCV12476.pdf


3) On the [Docs] tab of the candidate record, click in the "Filename" column and rename the document

from SCVnnnnn.doc to SCVnnnnn.pdf

From then on, any time you try to send a CV using the system, it will attempt to attach the document from this 'slot' on the candidate record, which now contains a *.pdf version of the Safe CV.


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